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About the program

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About the program

The VRGP is a statewide end-to-end Rural Generalist training program that allows the future rural generalist workforce to train, work and live in rural and regional Victoria.
Trainees will gain access to training positions across a variety of clinical settings, both hospital-based and community based, to provide a rich clinical training experience that demonstrates the variety of rural generalist career options in Victoria.
In addition to providing a diverse and rewarding training experience, the long-term objective of the VRGP is to increase the employment of rural generalists in rural health services and communities across Victoria.

The VRGP training positions align with the existing junior medical officer positions and general practice training programs. All program participants must demonstrate rural career intentions and be enrolled in, intending to or in the process of enrolling in general practice training.

The VRGP trainees will be supported by the health services, the Colleges and the training organisations, and will receive additional case-management support from the Victorian Rural Generalist Program Regional Coordinators located across the state. The Regional Coordinators will assist trainees to navigate their training pathway and provide career support throughout their training journey and into employment in rural generalist positions across rural and regional Victoria.


The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) has been supporting various rural medical workforce programs and training for rural generalists for many years. The previous programs have now been consolidated to develop a cohesive, well-coordinated end-to-end Rural Generalist training pathway.

The following programs have been merged into the Victorian Rural Generalist Program:

Former program nameVictorian Rural Generalist Program
Rural Community Intern Training programs:
- South West Community Intern Program
- Grampians Rural Community Intern Program
- East Gippsland Community Based Intern program
- Murray to Mountains Intern Program
- Echuca Intern Network
Rural Generalist Year 1
- Victorian General Practitioner: Rural Generalist program
- Rural Extended and Advanced Procedural Skills program
Rural Generalist Advanced
Consolidation of Skills programRural Generalist Consolidation

Features of the VRGP

The VRGP is new and developing program which will be continually improving. There will be several new developments being implemented over the 2020-2021 training years to further strengthen the program, including:

  • Development of Rural Generalist Year 2 (PGY2) positions across Victoria
  • Introduction of multi-year training contracts
  • VRGP information sessions, trainee forums and educational workshops
  • Career mapping support
  • Linking trainees to rural generalist jobs at the completion of training
  • VRGP Advanced Skills Match for centralised allocation to Advances Skills positions across Victoria

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