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The Rural Generalist Advanced Year supports eligible Victorian Rural Generalist Program trainees and rural general practitioners to gain advanced skills qualifications to become rural generalist practitioners in rural and regional Victoria. 

Rural Generalist Advanced Training Positions

To qualify for support under the Victorian Rural Generalist Program, all Advanced posts must have relevant accreditation with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) or Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

Training provided within an RG Advanced post should be based on the relevant College curriculum. All RG Advanced posts are 12-month training posts undertaken in Victorian health services and community settings.

Priority training posts for Victoria include:

  • Anaesthetics (JCCA - Joint Consultative Committee on Anaesthesia)
  • Emergency Medicine (ACEM EMC/EMD)
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology (DRANZCOG/DRANZCOG Adv.)
  • Adult Internal Medicine (RACGP & ACRRM accreditation)
  • Mental Health (RACGP & ACRRM accreditation)
  • Paediatrics (RACGP & ACRRM accreditation)
  • Palliative Care (RACGP & ACRRM accreditation)

Other Advanced Skills accredited training posts will be considered for approval by the department based on demonstrated community need and accreditation.

For additional information on advanced skills training post curricula, please refer to the relevant College website:

Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

To support the objectives of the VRGP, health services that deliver RG Advanced training are responsible for ensuring that trainee learning plans reflect the training requirements of the ACRRM or RACGP and the service needs of the community.

Individual learning plans should be developed in conjunction with the trainees’ training provider and RG Advanced post supervisor. Training plans must be signed off by the relevant RTO for all AGPT registrars. For non-AGPT trainees, training plans are to be developed with the RG Advanced post supervisor, the relevant college and/or the relevant VRGP Clinical Lead.


Group 1 - Pathway candidates

  • Existing VRGP trainees who have entered the training pathway in Rural Generalist Year 1 and Rural Generalist Year 2 are prioritised for RG Advanced training posts.
  • VRGP trainees must be enrolled in the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program to progress to a Rural Generalist Advanced training post.

Group 2 - Lateral entry and Fellowed GP candidates

  • Candidates must be enrolled in the AGPT rural generalist pathway, ACRRM independent pathway, RACGP practice experience pathway or the Remote Vocational Training Scheme.
  • Must demonstrate ongoing commitment to working in rural Victoria, in both general practice and health service settings, including on-call work.
  • GPs holding a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner, must enrol in the Fellowship of Advanced Rural General Practice or the Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.
  • Demonstrated commitment to working in rural Victoria, in both general practice and health service settings, including on-call work.

Group 3 – Candidates with existing advanced skill qualifications

  • Candidates already holding FACRRM or FARGP, must demonstrate ongoing commitment to working in rural Victoria, in both general practice and health service settings, including on-call work.
  • Must demonstrate community need and local workforce need of advanced skill and must be linked to a job that the advanced skills will be utilised and maintenance of skill is attainable.
  • Must provide letter of support from future employing health service.

How do I apply for a Rural Generalist Advanced training post?

All candidates must apply for a training post through the annual Rural Generalist Advanced Skills centralised recruitment match. This process is administered by the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria PMCV

The proposed schedule of dates for the 2020 transition years are captured in the table below. For up to date information, please go to the Allocations and Placement service website, https://allocations.pmcv.com.au

Proposed schedule dates:

TimelineApplicable to ALL RG registrars:
Current AGPT registrars, New cohort AGPT registrars, Independent Pathway and GP Fellows.
May – JuneAdvertising period via Health Services websites, RTO websites, RG Coordinators  Funding approval
1 June – 26 JuneAGPT candidates to complete Advanced Skill Application or Expression of Interest and supply their CV including referees. Training Advisors will approve based on:
Suitability against Training Plan
Will meet Hospital experience criteria
Understand program  
Genuine rural intent and COS Training
RTO to provide a letter of approval that the registrar will need to upload.
29 JuneMatch opens for Candidates:   
Referee nomination 
Nomination of health service preferences  
Candidates to submit applications to Health Services  
Consent required for information to be passed to Health Services & RTO
29 JuneHealth Service Applications Opens:  
Health Services HR systems are open to accept applications.
Note: Communication by Regional RG Coordinators/RTOs with the Health Services to have all Health Services open for applications at this time, this currently isn’t the case.
17 JulyMatch closes for Candidates:  
Referees to have complete online referee report form 
20 July  – 31 JulyAssessment period for Health Services: 
Access their Candidates List and completed referee reports
Health Service administrators access the list of all candidates who have nominated that health service on their preference list.   *Health Services will already have the candidates CV, or if a portal, access to CV opened. (Note: Candidates’ preference order is not disclosed to health services). 
3 – 21 AugHealth Service Interviews
24 – 28 Aug
(AGPT outcomes will be known). 
Preference change period and Match closes for Candidates:   
Withdraw from Match, voluntary
Withdraw from Match if unsuccessful with AGPT application
Check Hospital Experience Assessment
Delete/Reorder preferences (existing preferences only) 
31 – 4 SeptPreference Submission and Match closes for Health Services: 
Submit online list of preferred candidates in rank order 
7 –11 SeptMatch takes place  
APS team run matching algorithm and check results 
4 SeptMatch Results Available   Match results are available to candidates and health service administrators via the PMCV Allocation and Placement Service website (login required) 

OngoingRTOs working with Regional RG Coordinators to continue to try to match any unmatched posts and unmatched RG registrars. PMCV matching will not be required as small numbers.
February 2021  Commencement date of employment at health services (including orientation period)  

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