VRGP Adult Internal Medicine - Bairnsdale Regional Health Service

Region: Gippsland

Stream title: VRGP Adult Internal Medicine, East Gippsland

Speciality: Adult Internal Medicine

Health Service Primary location: Bairnsdale Regional Health Service, Bairnsdale

Secondary location: N/A

Number of positions available: 1

College Accreditation: ACRRM only

Curriculum: ACRRM Advanced Specialised Training – Adult Internal Medicine

Contact name: Lisa James, Medical Workforce Coordinator

Contact email: Lisa.james@brhs.com.au

Position description: VRGP Adult Internal Medicine, East Gippsland

Role/experience to be gained: The Adult Internal Medicine Advanced Skills Training post provides Rural Generalists with the skills, knowledge and confidence to diagnose and manage an extended range of adult internal medical conditions with a greater degree of independence compared to their urban counterparts.

Website link: www.brhs.com.au

Additional statements: 12 months full time or part time, position requires shift work and weekends

VRGP Palliative Care - Goulburn Valley Health

Region: Hume

Stream title: VRGP Palliative Care – West Hume, Goulburn Valley Health Shepparton

Speciality: Palliative Care

Health Service Primary location: Goulburn Valley Health Shepparton

Secondary location: N/A

Number of positions available: 1

College Accreditation: RACGP & ACRRM

Curriculum: RACGP Advanced Rural Skills Training – Curriculum for Palliative Care | ACRRM Advanced Specialised Training – Palliative Care

Contact name: Carla Jewell

Contact email: dlmedadmin@gvhealth.org.au

Position description: VRGP Palliative Care – Goulburn Valley Health

Role/experience to be gained: Palliative Care is an important specialty area for rural and remote General Practitioners. As growth in older populations continues to rise the end-of-life care needs of communities is increasing.

At completion of training, Rural Generalists with Advanced skills in Palliative Care are able to provide both inpatient and community-based Palliative Care services to their communities. Both RACGP and ACRRM recommend that trainees undertaking this advanced skill also obtain the RACP Diploma in Palliative Care.

Website link: www.gvhealth.org.au/careers/medical-employment-and-education

Additional statements: 12 months Full Time

  • In addition to RG Trainees, General practitioners (GPs) looking to build, refresh or develop more specialised and/or a broader range of emergency medicine skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their rural or remote community are encouraged to apply.
  • RG AST Trainee rostered to work Monday-Friday.