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Flexible Training options

The VRGP promotes flexibility in training and supports part-time training and job-share arrangements to enable candidates to manage training with other commitments. These arrangements must be negotiated with employing health services when applying.

Program Entry

The structure of the VRGP allows for trainees to enter at any stage of their training.

Entry stageEntry criteria
PGY 1  (Interns)Access to 35 VRGP Intern positions across the five regions
PGY2Access to HMO positions in regional areas that will be set aside for VRGP trainees
PGY3 +Advanced training positions will be offered in this year as long as membership of a GP training college is confirmed
Fellow GPsLateral entry by current General Practitioners is available at any time with access to the advanced skills training posts.

Centralised recruitment program

  • State-wide governance committee
  • Centralised recruitment through PMCV
  • Introduction of multi-year regional training contracts for the hospital based years
  • Provision of career maps to provide clear advice on possible training pathways
  • Completion within five years if commenced during internship

Multi-year contracts

In Victoria, all eligible interns commencing their internship in a regional public health service from 2021 will be provided with a two year contract for their intern and PGY2 year.

Therefore, at the PGY2 level, progress review forms are submitted through the hospital based Director of Prevocational Education and Training. These documents will also form part of the Rural Generalist Foundation Year trainee’s overall assessment to determine their readiness to progress to advanced skills training.

Rural Generalist within 5 years

Completion of Rural Generalist training is possible within five years if commenced during internship. It is possible that you be living and working in a vibrant rural community setting with advanced skills in your chosen area, within six years of graduation from medical school.

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